What is a web site?

A web site can be considered simply as a collection of electronic documents carrying information about a said institution or business. This is usually information about the services it renders, product it sells, its objectives and other information which the institution considers of public interest. Websites may perform other functions like recruit workers, advertise, sell products, publish articles etc.

Owning a web site opens up your institution to a global audience allowing it to make contacts with this audience at any time of the day, month or year.

What is a domain name?

A domain name, also known as the URL of your web site is the address that will be used to access your web site on the Internet. For example, http://www.clonemultimedia.com

Domain names are sold by domain name registrars and are assigned to a hosting account.

What is a hosting account?

This is space on a server (a special computer used for storing web pages on the Internet) on which a web site is stored. Hosting packages are sold at various prices depending on the different features they possess (amount of disc space, number of email accounts, database support, sub domains etc). Your choice of a hosting package will depend on the requirements of your web site as indicated by your webmaster.

Web Site Construction

This is the process whereby information about your institution is collected and organized into a comprehensive collection of interconnected web pages. This entails collecting pictures, literature, understanding processes in your day to day transaction to the end of producing a properly structured web site with organized sections. This may include building web applications (Software that run on web sites) to perform certain specialized tasks such as posting news or for selling online.

The cost of constructing your web site largely depends on how much material needs to be put together for the project and how much effort and time needs to be put in.


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