Fida Cameroon Website Gets Facelift


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Fida Cameroon Website Gets Facelift in Cameroon

Clone Multimedia is proud today to announce the release of FIDA CAMEROON (International Federation of Women Lawyers Cameroon) website. Built since 2009, the FIDA webiste was already lagging behind in its ability to serve a modern public as well as survive as an effective communication tool.


After careful consideration, Clone Multimedia’s web development team decided to to give the site a complete makeover in order to bring it up to date and up to standard. was completely redone with new features including:

  • Complete New Design
  • An Integrated Content Management System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Homepage Featured Content Slider


We at Clone Multimedia make it a point of duty to not only provide services but to walk our clients every way of their development, constantly providing them with the support and expertise that they require to keep their business and activities always in the limelight.

We strongly believe that this new website is going to go a long way to better serve FIDA CAMEROON and its partners!

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