In one of our latest website design projects, CLONE MULTIMEDIA has joined hands with CREATIVE ARTS AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION (CACUFO) to promote sustainable indigenous  arts and culture in Cameroon.

CACUFO, a Kumba based foundation which has been working to provide training to youths and women has for long never been known on the global platform though it has been at the forefront of the promotion of cultural activities in Cameroon. With several participations in National competitions and numerous awards received, CACUFO through this joint initiative with CLONE MULTIMEDIA will now be able to extend its reach to a global audience though this ongoing website project.

website design in Cameron

Cameroon based website designed by Clone Multimedia

According to Clone Multimedia boss Benyella Njeko, the website currently being developed for CACUFO will not only showcase its noble cause to the world but showcase the rich Cameroon culture and hopefully galvanize the so much needed support for its activities!

This project falls within the framework of CLONE MULTIMEDIA’s ongoing initiative of “Putting Cameroon Online

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Every good web design company should be one that has a good record of properly satisfying its clients. Client testimonials are always a good indication of a web design company’s performance and efficiency. Always do a background check. Confirm that the company you are dealing with has no bad reputation.

2) Prtfolio

As is commonly said. A good tree is known by its fruits. The quality of a website company is measured by the quality of websites it designs. It is always good to check out the portfolio of any website company you want to hire before you make up your mind.

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Longevity in service is another crucial factor to consider. Many wanna-be website design companies crop up day by day but they often too soon abandon the business as they get to find out how difficult it is to run and mange numerous website projects and clients. You ma want also to check how old the company has existed.

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This is a much difficult check to do. However, it is always easy to know when your web designer has just picked up a free template or just bought one off-the-shelf and quickly punched in your logo and website content. One way to notice this is how your logo and graphics go out of shape with the rest of the site layout and colours don’t blend properly.  Also many broken links and links that link back to theme designers and sponsors are common on such websites. Moreso, such links always link to websites that are different from the designer’s site. It will payoff if you put this one too on your checklist.