Thanks to the newly launched website, Chariot FM 93.5, the radio of proximity has spread its tentacles worldwide as students can now merge online journalism with broadcast. This innovation is possible thanks to a unique partnership with Clone Multimedia Ltd.

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For decades that the department of journalism and mass communication in the University of Buea exists, this is the first time ever that it takes students for internship on this platform. This innovation has boosted professional integration as it offers applied online journalism training for students. Presently, this arena for studies is opening up opportunities for interns who are now writing for online media. With the development of this website, the radio receives massive audiences who participate from all angles of the globe with comments which creates high interactivity with the radio programs, unlike before when the radio was known only around the municipality of Buea. The website makes it easier for their audience to catch-up with their programs, get latest news even when they are not able and opportune to follow their broadcast on-air, read and react to their articles wherever they are.

Speaking to Chariot Radio station manager Mr Marvelous Ngale, he explained that working with the has indeed been an awesome experience. He pointed out that because the interns can now go online and engage their listeners through the website, this will go a long way to complement their classroom lectures with hands-on practical knowledge. He added that though amidst several difficulties especially because most of the interns have not yet been taught any course on online journalism, the students have quickly picked up the skills and are doing quite well. In a concluding remark, Mr. Marvelous Ngale said “I believe that by the end of the internship they will be better than other journalism students.”

As the department of Journalism and Mass Communication continues to embrace new technologies and new partnerships geared at improving the quality of journalism training in the University of Buea, one would only expect to see the better and better journalists being produced as the years go by. Clone Multimedia Ltd has been one of those close partners to the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and has been responsible for developing and managing this training website. It is equally worthy of note that Clone Multimedia Ltd is a Cameroon based company that specializes in web design, web hosting, software development and graphic design services.


In one of our latest website design projects, CLONE MULTIMEDIA has joined hands with CREATIVE ARTS AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION (CACUFO) to promote sustainable indigenous  arts and culture in Cameroon.

CACUFO, a Kumba based foundation which has been working to provide training to youths and women has for long never been known on the global platform though it has been at the forefront of the promotion of cultural activities in Cameroon. With several participations in National competitions and numerous awards received, CACUFO through this joint initiative with CLONE MULTIMEDIA will now be able to extend its reach to a global audience though this ongoing website project.

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Cameroon based website designed by Clone Multimedia

According to Clone Multimedia boss Benyella Njeko, the website currently being developed for CACUFO will not only showcase its noble cause to the world but showcase the rich Cameroon culture and hopefully galvanize the so much needed support for its activities!

This project falls within the framework of CLONE MULTIMEDIA’s ongoing initiative of “Putting Cameroon Online

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