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About in Cameroon

Clone Multimedia is an IT company dedicated to providing high end IT services to today’s modern businesses. At Clone Multimedia, we provide software development, web development and e-commerce site development services. We also provide highly specialized services in the area of video production, advertising and print design.

We offer highly customized solutions to our clients with the ultimate goal of providing them with unique products that cater for their everyday needs. Clone Multimedia incorporates original and innovative design with the appropriate tools, offering products that are visually stimulating and promote interactivity and usability.

Our Team

Our staff is composed of highly skilled and trained professionals with lots of accomplishments to show of their abilities. With years of experience in the field of design and applications development, our experts design and deploy solutions that are parallel to none!

Our Values

At Clone Multimedia, customer satisfaction is our most important concern. We believe in simplistic designs that offer everyone the chance to enjoy the benefits of the most complex solutions. Our ultimate goal is to open up businesses of all categories to the diverse opportunities presented to us by today’s hi-tech society.

Working with Us

Our clients present to us detailed information about the software, advert, book cover, web site, logo, etc that they want us to develop or design.

Once we have this information, we delegate a team that examines this information and prepares a detailed document on how the project will be handled. This usually comprises of a detail flow chart (for software) or Site Map (Web Site) accompanied by a projected duration of the project, estimated cost and contract details.

During the execution of the project, we work hand in glove with our clients, accepting and implementing revisions to the work until the client’s desires are fully satisfied.

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